San Francisco's Trusted Tour Company

Cruisin’ the Castro Walking Tours celebrates over 30 years of walking with PRIDE and as San Francisco's first and only Legacy Business Tour Company! We are recognized for providing a longstanding, community-servicing business and as a valuable LGBTQ cultural asset to the City and County of San Francisco.

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The Vibrant Sites of the Castro

Explore the historical, diverse and colorful sites of the Castro neighborhood, known as the largest Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer community in the world! We offer twice as many vibrant sites than any other experience and emphasize how San Francisco and the Castro community play crucial roles in LGBTQ history, culture as well as, the continuous challenge to obtain equal rights in America.

Cruisin' The Castro Walking Tours
Cruisin' The Castro Walking Tours

Women-Owned and Operated

Cruisin’ the Castro Walking Tours is a highly respected, award winning company and women-owned and operated since 1989!

Our tours are intimate, educational and conducted by a professional tour guide, local resident and LGBTQ civil rights activist.

Private and group tours are welcome and customized to specific interests.

Cruisin' The Castro Walking Tours